Hello. I’m Antoine.

Growth Consultant based in Phoenix, Arizona.

I help early-stage founders go from $0 to $3M ARR by developing a strategy, building a team, and accelerating growth.

Cliff notes on me πŸ“

Two successful exits - Helped build two SaaS companies to acquisition.Experienced - Over a decade of experience working in startups, both funded and bootstrapped.Wore many hats - Sales, marketing, growth, operations, and founder.Played many roles - Individual contributor, Lead, Head, and Director.What I have - A personal network of world-class talent and investors.What I do - Provide fractional growth services to early-stage businesses.

Companies I've worked with

How I can help you 🫡

βœ… Strategy

I create and maintain a clear and defined growth strategy. I analyze the entire funnel and prioritize activities that offer the highest return on investment.

πŸ“ Positioning & Messaging

I work with you to clearly articulate who you are and the value you offer to a specific group of people. Together, we will develop messaging that helps you connect with customers, investors, potential employees, and the press.

🀝 Org Chart & Hiring

I help you identify organizational needs, define roles and responsibilities, develop hiring assignments, and interview candidates.

πŸ’» Executional Work

After setting the strategy and crafting the positioning and messaging, it is time to execute. I will either take a hands-on approach myself or build out the necessary team with full-time and/or freelancers.

πŸ“Š Marketing Operations

I’ll set your team up for success by ensuring there is a link between strategy and how your team drives outcomes. This involves tech stack selection, data management, reporting, automation, internal meeting cadence, and more.

What people say about me

David Linell
Founder, Divvit

"Antoine joined Divvit in 2017 as our first marketing/business hire. Since then his impact on Divvit has been immense. He took control of our growth/marketing strategy and never looked back.Over the past two years, both the team, the company and the strategy has varied. No matter the circumstances though, Antoine has approached every situation with a positive attitude and adapted to the new requirements. Being a small team, the role has required a broad set of skills as well as an egoless attitude to the task at hand.I can recommend Antoine to anyone that needs a hard working and loyal marketing colleague with a broad skill set."

Jacob Knapp LΓΆnroth
Founder, Mokini

"I’ve had the privilege to work together with Antoine in the process of releasing our Shopify App. He’s a great resource, awesome person to work with and has good knowledge the Shopify landscape combined with many years of experience in growth and marketing."

Colin James Belyea
Head of Growth, Lofty

"Antoine is a very sharp marketer. He understands on an intuitive level what clients need, and very quickly figures out how to give it to them. All this and he's a really nice, personable person, too. 10/10, would work with again."

Dhruv Bhatia
Founder, Casa

"Antoine is very knowledgeable about growth and marketing especially for SaaS products and is not just an expert in his field but is also a friend to early stage startup founders. I highly recommend Antoine to every startup founder who wants a no-nonsense growth and marketing expert by their side from the get-go."

πŸ‘ I'm a good fit for you if…

🟒 You're a Pre-Seed or Seed stage founder who needs to create and implement a proper plan.🟒 Your company has no or only junior to mid-level marketing/growth talent.🟒 You are looking for a growth partner.🟒 You value foundational work.🟒 You need a list of vetted freelancers that you can bring on at a moment's notice.

Ready to accelerate your growth?

My Story πŸ“–

I've been working in the startup world for over ten years. I've worn many hats, including sales, marketing, growth, operations, and even founder.Along the way, I've experienced being an individual contributor, a Lead, a Head, and a Director.Usually, I've been directly hired by founders as the first commercially focused person in the company, either full-time or as a consultant. So, I know what it's like to start from scratch, be a team of one, and progress to building high-performing teams.I won't sugarcoat it. While building a company can be one of the most rewarding things, it can also be brutal. You have limited resources and an ever-changing market and competitive landscape. You will face daily obstacles. While I've had many successes, I also have many battle scars from the journey.Throughout the years, I've developed a deep understanding of what is required to take a company from Seed to Series A and set it up for long-term, sustainable success.I've helped companies go from $0 to $3M in ARR and raise a combined total of over $50M in funding.Now, I spend my time taking all my learnings and helping early-stage founders navigate the obstacle-filled road ahead of them.If you're an early-stage founder looking for some guidance, let's have a chat!